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American Airlines differentiated itself in a commoditized market by speaking to high-value flyers who travel frequently and care about how they get from destination to destination. Services: Creative Direction, Art Direction


777 jetliner’s premium international business & first class service.

How to get customers to plunk down a wad of cash for something they haven’t experienced yet? Use an immersive narrative experience to provide international travelers an idea of what they’re missing. The website was visited by more than 1.2 million flyers from 33 countries in 36 languages in the first 6 months.


Fly Forward (never straight)

American Airlines has been doing the right thing for a long time. To illustrate their profound and ongoing commitment to the LGBT community we crafted a campaign reflecting this heritage with two new ads made to look vintage.


Looks like Daft Punk likes the campaign too 😉


The World Look

With TM Advertising as the global agency of record for American Airlines, there was a need to craft a comprehensive baseline visual language to be applied to general campaigns. This unified look and feel reduced the cost to deliver most of AA’s ads while leaving space to dig deep into specific and particular campaigns. These ads represent the digital application of that visual language.  


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